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Hey there guys. Holy crap I have missed this place. How have y'all been? I hope there's some activity here, as looking at the Roster not a lot of people come here anymore sadly. What's everyone been doing?

Here's what i'v been going through

in mid/late 2014, i went homeless. Couch surfing and doing my best to survive.

2015 I got into government housing, which gave me a roof over my head for low cost

2016 I got a stable job with some decent income

2017 Same job, new apartment. Starting to get things back together

fast forward to now, 2022.... I got a decent gaming computer, really enjoying life, and just want to have fun again!
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Not much. Just got busy with life I guess.

Got a few promotions recently and now I have to manage a team that ranges 10 to 20 people at times. Things are good and glad to see you doing good.
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