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the inverted intro :v

In-Game Name: Inverted Silent
Real Name: Lejandro
Age/Birth Date:14   3.04.2001
Gender: male
Country/State (province)/City: Nicaragua
Current Job/Career: 
Job/Career you want: Dj ;D

Favorite Weapon(s):M4a1 and deagle
Favorite Color:purple
Favorite Food: Pizza 
Favorite Band(s): nop, but i like the Dubstep Big Grin
Favorite Movie(s): El Conjuro and Deadpool, Civil and Angry Birds :v
Favorite Game(s): CS and Geometry Dash, mmm and Clash of Clan
Favorite Drink:Water, the best for the life :v
Favorite Sport:Football
Favorite Sport team:Barca
Favorite Sport Player: Messi 
Favorite Things to do:
Favorite Server ModBig Grine_dust24 7
Favorite TV Show/Program: SouthPark
Favorite Style: SWAG
Favorite Car: Mustang
Favorite Singer:
Favorite Hollywood Star: 
Thanks given by: StandarD

Welcome it's good to see more people!
Thanks given by: Inverted SilenT

Jajajaja, Welcome :v
Thanks given by:

Welcome to Banished Soldiers Klan, enjoy your stay!  Big Grin
Thanks given by:

why the hell you keep ending every sentence with ":v"

you better stop with that shit or i will break your neck and make you humble
[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010

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