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Good People .

This post is to tell you again volvere playing cs after so long , I hope not give me ban as many admins out there in the momente not conosen me and they ban the use of the tag , I'll play again later a long time, I hope to return to the level it was much earlier, just wanted to tell you that.

One question , which happened to the other servers before more avian and can please tell me what changes have been cast , or if they have new rules, or things like that .

Sorry for my English is lousy, and not even learned well

att .
Soldier Anonymus .
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|------Welcome To The Jungle-----|

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Welcome once again to the community!! 
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Thanks given by: BsK |. Rojas

Welcome again Hehe
$die = false;

Thanks given by: BsK |. Rojas

Welcome back, well the population dropped you'll notice once you play but i think things didn't change that much, besides meeting new people like me, heh.
Thanks given by: BsK |. Rojas

Welcome to the jungle!
Thanks given by: BsK |. Rojas

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