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goodnight, the following report is on "phe" this person I ah I disrespected a very lousy way, I do not like these types of games EVER I do not have that kind of trust with any type of admi, and if I replied poor so, I have a limit I hope it will teach restraint and rules to be a good admi, I withdraw,

While choosing the type of person who choose to work with, that I ara lose the thrill of playing on their server, do not register me to be insulted or mocked by other admi

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can someone translate what is written there please..
Thanks given by: r3coN

if thats disrespeting then i'm brad pitt ...
[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: H I G H

garibay bu.. sea food.. he was just joking around with you.. take it easy... Tongue
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actually, PHE is a jackass and has a loud mouth and camps a lot. I told him not to, then he told me that camping is allowed and has been playing here for more than 3 years and is Ashba's friend. I started laughing @ more than 3 years, LOL. Had to slay/kick him 2-3 times for camping...
[Image: Bullseye_Greatest_Hits_Vol_1_5_Textless.jpg]

[Image: cropped_parkertrashtalk.gif?ts=1399259142]

[Image: kawhi_dunk.gif]
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Excellent, that's no disrespect? GOODBYE RESIGNED BSK
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lol ok that is disrespect.. I will punish him but you cannot leave us bonita Tongue Tongue
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010

I can, and I will, I'm sorry but I have no confidence that some people
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no no no... dont leave us... you are my amigaa Smile
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Tongue, I will continue, but no longer will play on their server
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