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dust 2 month assesmentN

  • How well the current maps are doing traffic wise? Do we need to remove any from map cycle?
No answer
  • Are there 32 or more working spawn points on the map? 
I don’t know what is this.
  • Do we need to block any areas of the maps? An example would be the cubby above double doors in Dust2.
Not really.
  • Do we need camping meter or camp zone for any of the maps? This doesn't mean strategic camping, but spots like tower right above T spawn on cbble.
Already done, and is working fine.
  • SM, admins and regulars of the server can request addition of the new maps. These additions need to be approved by SM and be in touch with the over all feel of the server. Do not request aim maps on Classic. ( Just to give an example)
No answer
  • Finally, What would be the duration of the new maps? Would they be added on default timelimit(30 min) or they need a lower timelimit for players to get used to them?

Default is okay.Is cool that actually a lot of admin are active, i saw a lot of people playing there, but i'm starting to see that it's popularity is going a little bit down (nothing to worry) but that's what i saw.Still looking for admins, i'm gonna talk to someone soon. And I have a suggestion and i'm gonna post it but not here.
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