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cs 1.6 movies

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Ok i don't need to say that much... this is just a few cs 1.6 movies the i like and did give me some inspiration a few years ago... so hope you guys likes it...

1)Strel's Frag Movie - Best CS:1.6 Movie [HD]
This movie God!, this blew my mind the first time i saw it... and a lot of friends loved it too, not only the frags (i don't even know if this guy is cheating) some effects are really awesome too, so enjoy.

2)Nothing But Headshots [ Counter Strike 1.6 ]
n0thing is or was an amazing pro player, definetly one of those players that can make even 1 frag per round mostly of the time, and as you can see there's some insane hs enjoy!

Dont need to say too much about this, good movie, with awesome pro players like elemeNt or ShaGuar enjoy!

Ready, steady, Go!


Awesome collection of pro players plays good edition, good music, just a masterpiece.
Ok f*** it i lied it's drum n bass... what you gonna do?

5)CS: Mousesports - Ready Willing & Able 2008

line up : Kapio, gob b, gore, cyx, Tixo... Rip cyx

well that's all, tell me if you like it... or maybe if you have another fav movie i would love to see it as well... [img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img]





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