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commandmenu to banished

I bring you this simple menu command to make it a little simpler for the game and these 2 simple commands amxmodmenu and Demo Record
[Image: 536045_372626169463070_1231287350_n.jpg]

[Image: 292259_372624442796576_100001470715911_1...0839_n.jpg]

I did this in order to improve the ease of some commands is not very good, but that was my intention Tongue


download and paste the text file in the folder Counter-Strike 1.6 \ cstrike

Good Luck Wink
PdConfusedorry only have to record 3 demos
Thanks given by: AncientGhost , H I G H , Ash , BsK.| YaYa® #Sean

Omg, I really like it , Downloading !!!

and Thread Sticked!
[Image: giphy.gif]
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[Image: real_world_expectations_vs_reality_13.gif]
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Sexy post!! good shit! Smile thnx for sharing it with us..
Thanks given by: Phaze-One

lol thanks to all xD
Thanks given by:

Nice post man! Congratz!
[Image: quemquercasar.gif]
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very good post bro
[Image: swczyb.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]
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very good bro
[Image: bambole.gif]
[Image: my%20sig.jpg]
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very nice post, it will be really usefull, i was looking for it, thanks very much Smile
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great idea bro Smile
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