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august assesment.

  • How well the current maps are doing traffic wise? Do we need to remove any from map cycle?
the traffic is better now.
  • Do we need to block any areas of the maps? An example would be the cubby above double doors in Dust2.

Not really. 

  • Do we need camping meter or camp zone for any of the maps? This doesn't mean strategic camping, but spots like tower right above T spawn on cbble.

Already done, and is working fine. 

  • Finally, What would be the duration of the new maps? Would they be added on default timelimit(30 min) or they need a lower timelimit for players to get used to them

Default is okay. 

This month we got a little bit more of popularity, with a medium of 16/32 players, so the popularity increased again a little bit.

Another thing is, i got two inactive admins, wich are Kikezito, and maquiavelico, gonna request to give them a week, and if he don't show their faces on the server, i'm gonna request to take away his admin, or, i wan't an oppinion about what i should do with them, since they haven't told me that they won't play anymore either.
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