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You want to join bsoldiers

You want to join bsoldiers

1. To form part Banished need to log in to Introduccion here ->
2.How to make that introduction Copy this format Fill out the form and post here
3.How to be Banished? You have to Report On pirates and Cheaters This Post You must report and admines and highers will see your activity and movement in
Clan 4.Delivered have to have 10 post no spam !! which are post? are the reports you will make the clan banished
To 5.clan app app clan must follow this format and requirements follows the format and not do it your way that will give you DENIED or You will not have BsK
6.seguir this format reading and you will be banished clan member soldiers
good day
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I think that we already have all tutorials about bsk forum,how join us,how make a unban,how make a report,how catch a hacker,how go to disney..btw I would like to see a tutorial that not be repetitive
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