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We need your smileys.

I was messing with the forum, when I realized how old and outdated our smileys have been. Lets put some life back into our smileys. I want you all to find the best smileys out there, and post them in this thread. It could be anything that you feel like would make a good smiley.

Some of you were confused about some things. Read these points and you should be good to go.
  • Smiley can be any picture that would look good between text.
  • Animated smileys are preferred with no background.
  • Size should be the same as text. It could be a little bigger, but it can't be too big.
See this smiley below. It is at 32x32 dimensions. The maximum size we going to allow is 64x64.


Lets see what you guys have to contribute.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
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$pirit and smileys can't go in the same line... what kind of world is this

[Image: badday.gif][Image: chair.gif][Image: 50x50px-ZC-b947b4d1_1654420-20autoplay_g...t20wwe.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
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idk this world is something else now, it is gay if you ask me.... Tongue but anyway we live in a world where smileys are actually part of kids life, they show the emoticons of different kids different lifestyles and even real emotions as these kids don't know any better then this digital life we call the internet.... anyway i vote for the cool shades i always liked this one: Cool  lets get some new cool shades going!!!
[Image: Herpywhooves-vhs-signature.gif]
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Smileys by Faps

[Image: 28i_Nj.gif]
[Image: 7ar5i.gif]
[Image: buye_X.gif]
[Image: 0rp_AZ.gif]
[Image: 0_KCX.gif]
[Image: delete.png]
[Image: w9_Bm_E.gif]
[Image: Fo_Z4k.gif]
[Image: d_PYMG.gif]
[Image: 3g_QVH.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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Smilelys by fap v2

[Image: 8n_Z0_F.gif]
[Image: weq_Em.gif]
[Image: RFCjw.gif] ------- for ashba with love Tongue
[Image: 4a_Dg_R.gif]
[Image: d_Ei0_D.gif]
[Image: V93vc.gif]
[Image: Hojq.gif]
[Image: F3g_Zu.png]
[Image: LAaf_X.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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Smileys by Fap v3

[Image: jcat.png]
[Image: sb1_Av.png]
[Image: rsc_N2.png]
[Image: SEx_CF.png]
[Image: 1lvy_F.gif]
[Image: 9_XPkc.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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I liked these ones, but what purpose would they be used for?
[Image: badday.gif][Image: chair.gif][Image: 28i_Nj.gif][Image: 7ar5i.gif][Image: buye_X.gif][Image: 0rp_AZ.gif][Image: RFCjw.gif][Image: F3g_Zu.png]
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
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Recreation , Fun in the forum i dont know.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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pikachu looks kawaii, nyan cat too I will use this  because some kids said that they have cs on steam, but they just downloaded steam crack
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Pi pi pi pika pi Kachu! Pika pi
[Image: sig.php?player_id=177&background=random]

[Image: 4117867.png]
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