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Want to rent a server? Look here

.: Server Rental Information :.

1. Fast Download (Optional)

2. Premium, Top Notch Hardware

3. Superior Network

4. Top-notch, immediate service

5. dedicated DNS

6. Web Hosting (Optional)

7. Full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Access

8. Control Panel

9. 99% up-time guaranteed

10. 500/1000 FPS (Frame Per Second) For Hosted Servers

11. Mods - Plugins Installing (Optional)

Installing aim_ak-colt, aim_map, as_tundra, awp_city, awp_map, cs_arabstreets, cs_assault2k, cs_assault_upc, cs_bloodstrike, cs_deagle5, de_aztec2, de_cevo_crete, de_cevo_russka, de_clan1_mill, de_clan2_fire, de_comrade, de_comrade_3rdroute, de_contra, de_cpl_fire, de_cpl_mill, de_cpl_strike, de_dawn, de_dust4, de_dust4ever, de_dust2002, de_forge, de_karachi01, de_rats, de_rats_2001, de_russka, de_tuscan, de_vegas, fy_iceworld2k, fy_pool_day, and scoutzknivez.


1. Fast Download For $5
2. Immediate server population: $60.00/month OR $15.00/week
( This means you will have a constant flow of players in your server
immediately after the server goes up GUARANTEED! This is a GREAT option if you want to get players fast! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED )


Servers Prices:

As of now we are only selling 32 slot 2000 FPS public steam/non-steam servers, setup with any mod, plugins, or maps that you wish for NO EXTRA COST for the low rate of $50/monthly!

Buy now

After you purchase, post a reply on this thread with Name, transaction # from Paypal, and email address and we will deliver your server information and ftp once its installed.


Thanks given by: BioHazarD

nice stuff besnik, hopefully people will buy this :3
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