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The Legend of Fap

Hello fellows its been a while since my last appearance here in the forum. But guess what I´m Back!

Well i´m going to do this shit for the ones that doesn't have the pleasure of knowing me.

My name is Fap aka Fps Aka Faplord aka the fappening nice to meet you Smile

In-Game Name: Fps
Real Name: Fap Commander of Odin Troops
Age/Birth Date: Unknown
Gender: Male with Hair in the Chest :v
Country/State (province)/City: Panama
Current Job/Career: P0rnstar
Job/Career you want: N/A

Favorite Weapon(s): Porn
Favorite Color: Porn
Favorite Food: Porn
Favorite Band(s): Porn With Fap
Favorite Movie(s): Fap With Porn
Favorite Game(s): CS 1.6 & LOL
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Sport team: Real Madrid C.F
Favorite Sport Player: Myself
Favorite Things to do: Fap
Favorite Server Mod: XXX
Favorite TV Show/Program: Porn Shows at the film zone after midnight
Favorite Style: Fap with left hand
Favorite Car: Bugatti
Favorite Singer: Canserbero
Favorite Hollywood Star: Mia Khalifa

Pic of Your Favorite Pornstar:

[Image: KqFcMvt.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

Thanks given by:

Welcome once again  ?  Smile
[Image: 76561198312096340.png]   [Image: graphic.png]

Thanks given by: BsK.| Fps

Welcome back you master fapper lol.
Thanks given by: BsK.| Fps

This man is crazy .-.
$die = false;

Thanks given by: BsK.| Fps

fappy boy long time i didnt see you <3 glado to have u here (no homo) <3
Thanks given by: BsK.| Fps

Thanks given by: BsK.| Fps

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