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Thanks to all who confided in my , to each of the members of a clan that were good people with me , I withdrawal of the community due to problems with members of the clan , I hope that this community will lift and above all to continue to forward , thanks to the owners phaze one and to r3with , thanks to finnick , edhawk , Kenzo and many more.... I hope you will understand my discomfort , without nothing more to say , ...bye!
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lol nobody is fighting with you , you are the one getting upset, if you don´t have a strong knowledge of english you can use google translator we all start like that men.
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My way or the highway mentality?

With age comes wisdom. You are too young, and arrogant at this moment to take criticism, but hopefully you have a good future in front of you.
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You're welcome. Good luck, have fun!
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"Time waits for no man."
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