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[Spanish] Formato Para Reportar Abuso de Admins

Tu nombre:

Tu Nombre en el Juego:

Tu Direccion IP o SteamID:

Fecha de la prohibición:

Servidor donde se donde se prohibio:

Administrador que le prohibio:

Descripción del Evento:
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Nice topic man
Thanks for the help

Thread sticked
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Good night, I am sending an email because I do not think to post the topic of abuse of ADM Brazilian (Portuguese), already suffered several threats of WMD [Banished] Rabiskdo, I print screen of the same threatening me and saying not to emporta what you will find he wants to give me because he thinks Ban superior to demics players on your server, PLEASE talk to the ADM quoted above, LOVE playing this server, and it would be unfair to ban me from already thank you! Hugs.

-Maiko Palhares
-[Maiko]" 648 STEAM_0:4:1525577474 0 00:27 255 7
-[Banished] Rabiskdo

Fatos -----------
[Maiko] : haaha concordo com o gabriel kkkkkkkkkk
[Banished]Mr.ApPLe killed [THE PAIN] Vinicius Moura with ak47
*** CoronA killed [Banished]Mr.ApPLe with a headshot from m4a1 ***
--_- SKD9SN -_-- killed [Maiko] with galil
[Banished] ~ RaBiSkDoO' : maiko cala a boca ou vo te bani
[THE PAIN] Vinicius Moura dropped
[THE PAIN] Vinicius Moura has left the game
* Killed by --_- SKD9SN -_-- with galil @ 7.m (100hp, 100ap) >> chest: 2 rightarm: 2
^_^LittleKIDdustin*_* killed [THE JOKER] Billy Joow with m4a1
* You hit --_- SKD9SN -_-- 0 time(s), 0 damage >> no hits
[THE PAIN] Vinicius Moura connected
*DEAD* [Maiko] : rabiskado voce quem sabe mano
*DEAD* [Maiko] : tenho medo de voce naum
gladiate_123 is joining the Terrorist force
*** [11bolos] Omegasora killed GG49 | Casa Power with a headshot from m4a1 ***
*DEAD* [Maiko] : o benisk ja ta de olho em voce
[11bolos] Omegasora killed --_- SKD9SN -_-- with m4a1
*DEAD* [Maiko] : e eu num fiz nada com voce pra voce me bani
[Banished] ~ RaBiSkDoO' : eh bom mesmo
*DEAD* [Maiko] : so pq tu e ruim
*DEAD* GG49 | Casa Power : owww
*DEAD* GG49 | Casa Power

Join us @
*DEAD* `RaiN' : :B
PTB: Round ended, checking teams.
Your money has been set to $16000.
[Banished] ~ RaBiSkDoO' : Maiko eu te do ban por 3 semana pode fala pro besnik to nem ai!

If anyone is interested in this case! I copied and pasted the conversations of the island, so to translate into English! Thank you and sorry to post in the wrong place, most already can not stand the humiliation!

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quem mando você irrita
e eu não te bani e não fiz nada do tipo
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Conversation with his superiors, I have nothing to talk with you!
He threatens me a long time ago, ja ban gave me two times for no reason! Someone could put him in his place ...
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that's not enough admin abuse proof

what u said that made rabisko told u shut up?

please, next time, record whole conversation, then we can decide with proof

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