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SmaTTeRs Report Thread

•Player Which You Are Reporting: Mehis
•Where this scene occured: D2 24/7
•IP or Steam-ID of the player: STEAM_0:1:30495520
•Admins which were active during this incident: Levalch
•Cheats Used: Wall/Private Aimbot/Ban evade
•Date of Incident: 07/31/2015

The kid blatantly walls and admitted that hes been banned twice yet the admins wouldn't do anything, just like the other 3 cheaters that were in there......

 Didn't demo him cheating but I got screenshot where he admitted hes been banned twice...

Idc what you say the dudes blatantly walling, and more then likely using a private aimbot...

Getting ridiculous how many more cheaters are in server then they're admins more then half the time....
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