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Skins hd to counter

Knife, Usp:

The weapons install in C:/ProgramFiles/CounterStrike1.6/Cstrike/Models and sound and have a excelent quality. Smile
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All skins do is muddy the CS watters and create lag............
[Image: 52cb5b6194c3d814218a07edb4eb40ad.jpg]
Thanks given by: rudeboy`

I do not use, only offer
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[BsK] has its model deagle and knife
[Image: 2FYyXrA.png]
my model m4a1 ↑↑↑
also what says YaYa, is truth...
[Image: 2860ll.png]
[Image: 2v1mc6v.png]
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you made this skin? o.o
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