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Signature Steam

Hello everyone. I'm posting this tutorial, because I find it very helpful for players who want to put a profile steam in the signature, as this:
[Image: 041807f5a34d29d1735658dbd305d38227e1d63c.png]

1. You must enter the site:
2. Place your steam profile, example: then click in Go:
[Image: 5fb46a52da30decac9436867efee2238af130e8d.png]
3. After you click Go, you will see this:
[Image: 32a9c36c8f1952a58744e53c06bd0e142d2cfdac.png]
Copy: BBCode (for forums)
Example: [url =][im g]http://steamsignature .com/profile/english/76561198171864286.png[/img][/url]

4. Then go back to the forum, go to user cp:
After you click user cp, enter in signature Change:
[Image: ebfde858116e7820d86d5bc953eff40f81f58a3e.png]

5. After you click change signature, appear the following page, it you put the url you caught in steamsignature:
[Image: 9d0bc290eaefb872b012916846cfaf8456eecda3.png]
6. After pasting the url into the empty picture click in update signature.
[Image: 6ff07487a2e761c73e31dc2fd7ce240bb2672b04.png]

Done, you have a signaturesteam in the forum. Hope this helps!
Thanks given by: {CL@N}

You can do it too with It's a great signature maker.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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there are many pages to create your own signature... There is also another tutorial about this
of all ways good post bro! Smile
[Image: 2860ll.png]
[Image: 2v1mc6v.png]
Thanks given by: {CL@N}

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