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Reports (EDHAWK)

(06-27-2016, 07:55 AM)EDHAWK Wrote: 6  KitojPusejDuxai     1733     N

•Player Which You Are Reporting: KitojPusejDuxai
•Where this scene occured: Classic Chicago
•IP or Steam-ID of the player: STEAM_0:0:1005147148
•Admins which were active during this incident: None
•Cheats Used: WallHack
•Date of Incident:  27/06/16 5:00 GMT-5

HMMM just wanted to tell wallhack confirmed and saw that Standard already ban him, but anyway
KitojPusejDuxai---> wallhack --> confirmed 
Thanks given by: EDHAWK

Bans added!  incluiding Yefelshon El Mio , he hacks too, I saw ur demo now. Ty bro, keep it up!  Smile
Thanks given by: EDHAWK

(06-27-2016, 09:08 AM)EDHAWK Wrote: More proof of yefelshon:

I'm not sure if i put status when demos start, but yes when demo finish

Yefelshon El Mio ---> WallHack --> confirmed 

Tnx ED!!!
Thanks given by: StandarD , EDHAWK

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