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Reporting ma!ish

•Player Which You Are Reporting: ma!ish
•Where this scene occured: Classic Chicago
•IP or Steam-ID of the player: STEAM_0:0:679707324
•Admins which were active during this incident: None
•Cheats Used: WallHack
•Date of Incident: 05/07/16 09:46 Am

Ok, this time the report yes is serius, and the demo is short, sorry for my last error, the strange in this case is what he is STEAM, but ok. He is wall why he even wait all the players with awp to kill he... see it. i hope dont mistake, but Naturo camper was say what he is hack.

Huh Huh Huh

Ah, and a question, how can i see the ip of non-steam players?
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Hmmm EDHAWK, this is not the right way to post a demo.
I was able to see only how you were playing and malish 2 shot
witch is not enough evidence 
here is a link with the explanation how the demo must be.

Looking forward for more reports   Big Grin Tongue

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Ok, sorry, i dont care, i will spec and do a good demo, he was playing all day, and i will record him, thx.
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I was doing my job when I saw that the Steam that you put on there is a fake. We dont have any player with this Steam, this Steam dont even exisit..

well... we dont allow this kind of mistake, BUT as you dont have Steam we know that you cant see, and if some idiot tell you that he is steam you will belive, so next time take care and call an adm on the forum or record the demo putting ''amx_who'' in the console while you're recording.

Ty. keep up bringing cheaters.

Thanks given by: EDHAWK

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