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Re-visiting this

Hello every1.

It has been a while since I played Counter Strike 1.6 (right now I'm very focused on CoD for PS4). But I just wanted to pass by and write a little bit about the good ol' days. I remember back in 2011-2012, even 2013, when I came back from school and the first thing I did was to turn on my PC, get in the Dust 24/7 server, and play all day long. As of right now, sadly I don't remember most of the friends that I had by that time; probably the only one that I remember is Iroshiro, and that's it. IDK if someone who is reading this post remembers me as "ERICK cARa SecA", I was probably the worst player back in the day lol, and I got banned several times before becoming an offcial member XD. Right now, everybody is just playing Fortnite (if somebody is reading this in the far future, I hope that damn game finally passes away as the most popular one  Rolleyes , 'cause IT'S A PLAGUE for the world of videogames), and I don't see an specific CS community like this to grow up again, there's just the global community of CS:GO. When I got banned from BsK, I searched for another clan, and I first joined to one called "[OGM]-Official Gaming Mission", and when I also got banned from there, I joined to AGamerz. OGM ceased to exist some few years ago, between 2013 and 2015, and even do I'm not totally sure, I think AGamerz still exists, but like BsK is also very inactive. So, it's sad to see the community that you loved so much is becoming less and less active (I don't wanna even mention the opposite word of "alive"). I insist that I would like to use the BsK title to create a competitive team for CoD, and that way to raise up a littile bit its name, but I guess none of the original BsK founders want that. I just make the proposal, take it or leave it. 

Anyways, it was good to visit this forum again and remember those days when I just spammed topic after topic so I could become an official member xd. Thnaks for reading :')
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Its good to see people still remember this wonderful community. As for the name, I'll have to respectfully deny. That name has a lot of built up equity and only people who are allowed to branch off with that must be current or former owners
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