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[READ] From Demo To Movie

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To record a demo:
[b]1) Open console and type record <demoname>
[b]2) When you want to stop recording, type stop
[b]3) The file will be saved in your cstrike folder under the name <demoname>.dem
[b]4) To play the demo, you open the console and type viewdemo <demoname>

[b]To make a movie:
There's no magic of going from a demo to a video file. There's no command that does that directly. What you have to do is make your CS take a bunch of screenshots every second. And then you can put the screenshots together to make a video file out of it. How this is done.

[b]1) Play the demo, by opening the console and typing viewdemo <demoname>
[b]2) You have to know the moment of the demo you want to capture and put it into a videofile. When that moment arrives. Open the console and type [b]startmovie <name> <fps>. I would suggest you choose around 30 frames per second (fps). This way you'll be sure your movie is not going to be choppy and won't make too many screenshots per second, thus the video file won't end up being huge and laggy. Important: During this step, your computer will lag. Because your CS will be taking 30 screenshots per second (if you typed in 30 for fps).
[b]3) When you wish to stop capturing those frames, open the console and type endmovie. Now you have in you cstrike folder a lot of .bmp image files under the name you type in for [b]startmovie <name> <fps> and the screenshots are numbered.
We have the screenshots ready, now we have to put them together into a videofile. You'll need an app to do that. I would suggest VirtualDub. You can get it for free here:
[b]4) Download VDub from the above link
[b]5) Extract it and run the application
[b]6) Go to [b]File >> Open video file and choose the first screenshot in your sequence that you'd like to start from. VDub will add all of the following screenshots numbered after it if you check Automatically load linked segments. It will do all that hard work for you.
[b]7) You have the files loaded into VDub now. To make sure the video plays right, go to [b]Video >> Frame rate... Click on Change frame rate to (fps) and type in the fps you had in startmovie. Make sure these two numbers are the same, this will mean that our video will play the way we want it to, not too slow or not too fast.
[b]8) If you'd like to change the quality and improve the performance of how the video is played. You can do that by going to Video >> Compression and choosing a codec like Indeo for example and changing the quality by adjusting the bar. You don't want to get the quality too low, because it will look crappy. But at the same time, you don't want it to be too high, because your video file will be HUGE and it might even lag when playing it.
[b]9) Go to File >> Save as AVI... choose the place and name where you want it to be saved. And there you go, your video is being made and compressed.

Now you have the video file done. Your video won't have any sounds. Remember that your CS took screenshots for you and you put them together? Yea, screenshots, we didn't capture any sounds. You still can put the sounds into the video, but that's a lot of extra work. What you can do, is add a song to your video, and add visual effects to make it look nicer and what not. You can google and download an app like Vegas Video, which lets you do all those kind of things. Or any other app that is intended for editing video files
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