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[R]ikudou [S]ennin

 Your Name: KenYa#

Your In-game name: KenYa

Your IP-Address or Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90990399

Date of the ban:

Server which you were Banned From: D2

Admin which Banned You: [R]ikudou [s]ennin

Description of the Event: 

A moment ago I was in the dust2 server, we were talking on the mic with the admin fps, we were not doing spam , nothing  and the admin [BsK] [R]ikudou [s]ennin banned me, reason: Spamming messages, is a reason foolish  ...  I never did spam ,   i know that the ban was  by 30 min , but I think he abused me [img]images/smilies/angry.gif[/img]
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I ordered a bunch of Time "STOP MIC" and you Don'tstop... I gave you A "KICK" and you don't stop there I"BAN"

Proof :   @BsK Fps

And Fps Wasn't Talking To You By MIC !



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Not if you did not see or seem blind, but i was talked with fps, if I was going screaming or pass music continuously if, i accept the ban, but in this case i dont accept the ban, Because I was just talking to a colleague...!!!

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The Only Sound That Was Coming Out Was The Robot
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Rikudo its true he was talking thru mic but he was talking with me , dont lie about that part, after warning him first you should kick him before execute the ban command on him

you did the same thing with other player

also spamming messages would not be the correct reason

i feel you are abusing a bit , and im not the only one who is seeing it , i recommend you to think before using some commands.



[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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First is not lie because here Appeared on the MIC you That You Were not talking

Before I BAN, I Kicked Them So I Do not Know If You Or Camilo Observed

On the question Of command "spamming messages" Was Because I can not Ban The Console .. I type the command and asks Other ..

And Lastly I'm not abusing my admin powers !. Because everyone who I had reason BAN
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I hope you guys were speaking english, 'cause we all know kenya is a spanish trash-talker and piece of **** guy to play with
[Image: giphy.gif]
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And You think you is a yankee , that you manipulate to everyone and you're just a single Chileno of shit

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yeah whatever you say kid, go fuck yourself

btw you are perma banned from BsK.. not because of this issue but because of previous reasons.we dont need ppl like you
[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , [BsK] RiKuDoU , [Yeo]^ , icecold960

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