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Prinny the Pegleg Penguin's Admin

Hi BsK staff!

This is prinny, telling you guys that elly will pay for my permanent admin and vip! Big Grin

here is my steam id: 
STEAM_0:1:13285589   0 00:06   18    0

Request for this has been made months in advance! 
Big Grin
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Elly please say something 
[Image: giphy.gif]
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(04-12-2015, 01:17 PM)'Dj Ashba™ ۩' Wrote: Elly please say something 


confirmed i and satan was talk too much about it, i really need more admin team, with these day ppl play with hack appear a lot, and i paid for him because this guys is really nice and he have a lot of expirement in server admin possition, iam really sure he will do a best job

[Image: sig.php?player_id=81637&background=random]

Thanks given by: Ash

The  donation of Elly has been confirmed, I'm going to send a PM with all the information to activate your admin. Thanks Elly for you donation and I hope this guy either good as admin. Please read the rules :
[Image: FAB.gif?1666]

[Image: 76561198065307330]
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Thx You For Your Donation Big Grin
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Admin added Enjoy, Thanks very much for ur donation dude.
[Image: 2860ll.png]
[Image: 2v1mc6v.png]
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Thanks for you donation Big Grin 
[Image: 302qvf5.jpg]

[Image: Calavera.jpg]
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ELLY Thanks for your donation
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Thanks for your donation!
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