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Player Standards

1. Language
All players should hold a professional level of conduct at all time. Please keep your language in the forums and on the server at a professional and mature level. Play as though you are an example for other players and set a good one. New players will often follow examples set by veteran players, good OR bad.

2. Warnings
Warnings will be given before ANY other form of punishment for ANY player who is violating the rules or overall code of conduct for Banished Soldiers. A players first warning will appear at the bottom left of the screen, please be aware of messages put in this area as it may concern you directly.

Second warnings will appear at the bottom left of the screen. "Red" warnings are of a last-call nature and may ultimately result in you being kicked from the server or banned for a period of 24 hours. If you have received multiple red warnings, it is possible that you will be removed for a longer period of time or removed completely from Banished Soldier servers.

3. Player Kicks
When a player is kicked they will be dropped to console. If you have a question or concern about why you were kicked, please bring it up DIRECTLY with the admin that kicked you, either via @chat, or via PM on this site. Be respectful and I can guarantee that the admins will treat you with respect in return.

4. Player Bans
If you have been banned from the server, it is for a good reason. If you do not feel the ban is warranted, bring it up DIRECTLY with the admin that banned you. Once again, treating the admins with respect will go a long way in regards to having the admin respect you and in the deliberation of your "case".

5. Team Cooperation
You should be cooperating with your team, PERIOD. If you fail to cooperate then your team will lose confidence with you as a player and may file a complaint with an admin as to your playstyle. These complaints will be taken seriously and investiagated.
If you wish to file a complaint about a certain players teamplay, please send it to an admin via private message (PM Icon) or e-mail.

6. Attitude / Community
A big part of what makes Banished Soldiers what it is today is the sense of community people feel with each other. As part of this community, you should work to resolve and help fix problems you see in the game that are contrary to the Banished Soldiers philosophy. If you see something that doesn't seem to work properly or fit in with the Banished soldiers philosophy, please make suggestions to help fix it by contacting Owners/Cos/Managers/Staff. Complaining gets us all nowhere and just ends up with flame wars. Try and keep things constructive and help advance this community.

7. Escalation Procedure
If you feel that your case has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, please contact the OWNERS via PM through these forums. Any requests presented in-game will not be responded to and if persued could lead to an additional warning or being kicked as this is disruptive to the other players.

u're inspired this week H I G H

keep doing ur job bro, u're great !
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Yes high good job! KEEP it UP!!!
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Thnx Ashba and Phazy boy Smile
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good work buddy and


lmao Big Grin
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LOL HIGH. NIce work. Ran out of stuff to smoke,now he has extra time on his hands lmao. Joking
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good post .."" xD
is doing a good job

I love
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(06-05-2012, 05:45 PM)Waka Wrote: LOL HIGH. NIce work. Ran out of stuff to smoke,now he has extra time on his hands lmao. Joking

hahaha ROFL... i neva run outa my sexy lil stuff.. lmaoo...

and VEga and Henry thnx baby boys!! Big Grin Big Grin
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Nice Post Dad! Tongue
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Hey todos los post estan buenos... no hay nada q un clan ejemplar... Big Grin
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