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New trial admin for D2 server.

I am pleased to announce that EDHAWK is joining us as admin for our dust 2 server, however he will be tested for 15 days while he learns the basics but we believe that he won't have any problems to become full admin.

Feel free to congratulate him !

I remember when they give me admin the 1 time, fapping and banning at the same dam time :v good times eheueeuheeueheu.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

Thanks given by: EDHAWK

Thanks i'll do my best work Big Grin, i'm really happy

Also: lol wtf
$die = false;

Thanks given by:

nice !!!!!! ED !!!! !!!!
Thanks given by: EDHAWK , EDHAWK

Congrats ED
Thanks given by: EDHAWK

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