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*New Map*

Well, I would like to invite you guys to play with me one map to test.

first I would like to ask Spirit to add it on classic map, named he_glass

I dont know if you guys know , but this map is reallyyyy fun, I was dying most of the time but is fun as fuck. lol

I would like to test with you guys tonight, BUT I dont have the map, just on my cs_strike folder that  I download from other server... 

I put the map here.  " he_glass.bsp " you guys can download it to add.  Big Grin
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I don't mind trying and as i told you in game i think that i know the map.
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New one, that KoKo asked... I have to say that was fun the he_glass.. and now I found the other one.

he_tennis.bsp "  <=== Other map to add and install in your folders if you have problem to download.
Big Grin Big Grin
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Those are fun Wink
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[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
Thanks given by: StandarD , Phaze-One , [BsK] S7VEN

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