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New Gaming Rig Build

Ok all,

So I finally figured out and fixed what was going on with my new rig! There is a "Slow Boot" switch on my motherboard which allows me to enter bios when starting up the rig. Once I was in the bios it had a default option for "game boost". After selecting that option it unrestricted my FPS and I can now play CS GO with 200-400 FPS on high settings. I tried so many things for so many hours/days and had several people help as well. Thanks to everyone that gave me and advice and tried to help, I do appreciate it. Now I am glad that it is finally working to its full potential!
[Image: dlaupo2cb8e.png]

"Time waits for no man."
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , Phaze-One

Damn finalyy ! at least u didnt give up Big Grin enjoy your games !
[Image: graphic.png]
Thanks given by: r3coN

you guys need to teach me to build PC by my own and put those 200 -400 fps settings.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

Thanks given by: r3coN

Congratz Big Grin
$die = false;

Thanks given by: r3coN

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