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This is an announcement for this section. I'm tired of these noobs spamming trying to get their post count up with vs threads/whos better/blah blah. yes, i just deleted another one of these dum posts...

Newly registered users are prohibited from making these threads.

dum kids keep posting "messi vs ronaldo" or "brazil vs any other fucking country" "who is better????"
no one cares whos better, its subjective and the conversation will lead no where. whichever one you have a boner for, i dont care. stop posting these dum fucking threads. no one replies to you anyways. u want to know which team everyone likes? post in the chat, we'll gladly talk to you.

If you members want to talk about a match coming up, make a thread on it but put more content at least in it. Have stats, win/lose, videos, and other shit to back up your post/opinion. at least make it somewhat intelligent instead of making it just, "pleep vs plop, whos better?"

If I see these content-less threads being posted again, you will be suspended from posting.

Closed and Stickied.
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

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