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My intro

In-Game Name: VeGa'
Real Name: Juan Sebastian Vega Leon
Age/Birth Date: 20 , December 27 of 1996
Gender: Male 
Country/State (province)/City: Colombia
Current Job/Career: Tattoo artist 
Job/Career you want: Systems engineering

Favorite Weapon(s): Ak47
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite Band(s): Lamb of God
Favorite Movie(s): Transformers
Favorite Game(s): counter strike , world of warcraft , dota , l4d 
Favorite Drink: sprite
Favorite Sport: skateboarding
Favorite Sport team: Real Madrid
Favorite Sport Player: Chris Joslin
Favorite Things to do: skate , draw .. 
Favorite Server Mod: classic
Favorite TV Show/Program: South Park
Favorite Style: vega's style lmao
Favorite Car: i dont like the cars ..
Favorite Singer:  Nas
Favorite Hollywood Star: Ice Cube

Pic of You
Just Another Guy .. Blush  Blush
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