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Hello , I would like to grant be an administrator on one of your servers , since I am one of the most active in the community . It will with total responsibility and not abusare of my powers , thanks.
[Image: 76561198312096340.png]   [Image: graphic.png]

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I would like to accept you, but I will give you a Trial adm. what is this???

You will recive 15 days of adm. have to use the tag  [BsK-T] 

You have to do another thread and stay posting your demos. after the time you tell me and I will decide about you.

You have negative points with me cuz you dont sent me an invitation on Steam, that means you dont need me, so I hope I can change my mind after this time, cuz I will handle it by my own.

ps: to set up your adm you have to tell me somethings, and it have to be on steam, your time is running...  be fast!
Thanks given by: [BsK] S7VEN , $atanic $pirit

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