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My Favorite Animes

1. Kaichō wa Meido-sama

[Image: kaichou-wa-maid-sama-kaichou-wa-maid-sama.jpg][Image: gifs-animados-kaichou-wa-maid-sama-261192.jpg]

Opinión: I Love this anime is not the casual love story,  This kid Usui is the typical handsome guy popular with women but he dont give a fuck a bout all this fans he got , he start to get interested in Mizaki Ayuzawa the  council president and well shes not interested in a relationship.

2. Sword Art Online/  [i]Sōdo Āto Onrain[url=][/url][/i]

[Image: asuna_3___sword_art_online_by_zerolshikumai-d59855j.png][Image: Asuna-sword-art-online-31698942-720-645.jpg]

I love this anime man the, and its the first anime that really keep me through without sleep  the whole night ahahahahaa
i really recommend it man its basically a love story with a lot of action and  a lot of changes between many characters , even thought  its  a romance anime it has a lot of deads and moments that will made you cry. go ahead and see it

Opinión: Kirito is as most of us here a gamer , he spend hours playing a new virtual game name sao but he got trapped with the other players and discover that if you die in the game you die in the real life , the only way out is finishing the game so he joined with other gamers to finished the game , suddenly he start to hang out with another good player name asuna and he will fall in love with her.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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My Favorite Animes Big Grin

1° Naruto Classic,Naruto Shippuden And Naruto Gaiden
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

2° Yu-gi-oh 

[Image: yugiohseason1netflix.jpg]

3° Dragon Ball z

[Image: 6834_dragon_ball_z_hd_wallpapers.jpg]

4° Inazuma Eleven

[Image: super-onze.jpg]

These Are Ones That I'm Watching Recently ... More Has A Few More That I Like
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