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My Admin App
In-Game Name:
Steam status:
Server requesting admin to:
Time of day you play (include timezone):

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127630398

Admin Experience: In CS I haven't experience but in another online games yes

Reasons you'd like admin: Until now I guess I should be helpful in the server so many times I'm there catching cheaters and calling to admins by steam but sometimes the admins are busy then I want help cleaning the server
Thanks given by: [BsK] [M]aquiavelico *EgU*

Do not accept or deny admin applications without hearing the word from Server Managers.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , Phaze-One

Personally, there are too many admins in dd2... i would say "Why not join the classic server" but we have no player base... but i think the way to 'revive' the classic server is to have a active staff for that server.
[Image: graphic.png]
Thanks given by:

Well I don't know if I can reply now. But if BsK's member/admins/managers thinks in d2 are so many admins I should be in Hybrid or Classic server really my objective is help to bsk cleaning the servers.
Thanks given by:

+1 for me, he did some reports, and i was about to nominate him for admin. He got some reports, and he's very active, he doesn't have too many reports cause he texted me a lot of times, to take care of a hacker in the server.
[Image: sig.php?player_id=177&background=random]

[Image: 4117867.png]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , $atanic $pirit

thanks luifer for your opinion, you are the SM of this server so that +1and Admin app....GRANTED
Server: Dust 2
- You will use [BsK-T] to all can know that you are in trial admin
- You have 15 days to show us that you deserve be admin
- Read the Server admin rules
- Upload all your demos in one thread that you will make here
- Remember put in all your demos "amx_who" in console 
- If you not are sure about if someone is a hacker feel free to upload the demo and ask for opinion of highers with experience
- Any violation of our rules or abuse admin will be the immediate finish of your trial.

I'm going to send a PM with all the information to activate your admin.[/b]
[Image: FAB.gif?1666]

[Image: 76561198065307330]
Thanks given by: $atanic $pirit , Phaze-One

Wow Friend, MY brother! wowowowowowow

Congraitz Men, my dream is your dream N0W YOU ARE ADMIN!!!

HAVE GREAT DAY, now you have the power :3

Thanks given by:

Congratulations And Welcome To Blue Team Edwin Big Grin
Thanks given by:

I didnt see your thread lol 

Congratulations buddy 

I know that you will do an awesome job 
Thanks given by:

Hey guys! Thanks Big Grin I'll give my best in the server, Bet it!

BsK the best team of ever!
Thanks given by: [BsK] RiKuDoU

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