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Poll: What maps you want on Classic Server?
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5 38.46%
1 7.69%
1 7.69%
2 15.38%
2 15.38%
1 7.69%
1 7.69%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Map Selection

There have been multiple discussions regarding the map selection for the server. Different people, different opinions! Lets settle this all shall we?

I'll make this really simple. We will have a poll for the maps that we want on the server. Each user can vote for 2 options max. Poll will stay open till next Monday.

Post the maps that you want on the poll in this thread. All maps with 3 votes will be added to map cycle.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , StandarD , BullsEye© , CAMILO1010 , Finnick

westwood, aztec
[Image: Bullseye_Greatest_Hits_Vol_1_5_Textless.jpg]

[Image: cropped_parkertrashtalk.gif?ts=1399259142]

[Image: kawhi_dunk.gif]
Thanks given by:

Inferno and dust 2.
[Image: sig.php?player_id=177&background=random]

[Image: 4117867.png]
Thanks given by:

cs_assault (forgot the specific version the server had but was fine)
Thanks given by: $atanic $pirit

I dont know what is weatwood but I vote for that and aztec ! xD
[Image: graphic.png]
Thanks given by:

de_dust2X2 and awp_bycastor (anything as it xD)
Thanks given by:

Dear Team mates 
I want you to look on this two mas 
"de_emir" & "de_sunny"
this are grate maps
emir is a medium mad and easy for the new players to play Big Grin
de_sunny map is giving you the positive emotions to play  Tongue
I would love to play with you on this maps  Cool
Thanks given by: EDHAWK

Emir and Sunny are both decent maps. Emir is compact, and Sunny is bright.

Added to the list. Lets see if they get any votes.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
Thanks given by:

Well i was playing on the hybrid server vs Exorcist and gg_mini_dust2* looks decent when there are less than 6 players.

*Not sure if that's the correct name but i think so.
Thanks given by:

Hum i was hoping for more votes here by now, i see alot of demand for changes but then when we step up and deal the cards its like everyone gets up from the table...
[Image: Herpywhooves-vhs-signature.gif]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010

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