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Kriloko admin abuse

Your Name:

Your In-game name:

Your IP-Address or Steam ID:
Date of the ban:
 There was no ban but todays date of 1/18/2015
Server which you were Banned From:
 No ban but it happened in Official
Admin which Banned You:
 No ban, BsK.| Kriloko
Description of the Event:
 I was picking tunnels from bombsite A in De_dust and Kriloko was rushing with bomb so i killed him quickly.... (From my understanding this is objective gaming) He slaps me as im gaurding bomb? and states that i am camping. Only reason to why I was camping was due to the fact that I do not want the terrorist team  to plant the bomb (ie. gaurd bomb and kill any terrorists trying to complete their objective) Obviously since I was CT it would have been completely idiotic to leave the bomb. I was not about to report him until he and the rest of his team started to camp spawn. Why is it that i get punished for doing objectives but he is able to camp spawn for 5 rounds straight without even trying to plant?????? He is NOT a good admin at all. And I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has experience to teach this person how to be an admin (ie. Let him know that just because he is admin does not mean he could punish players and still get away with camping spawn.) Although in my case I have a more reasonable excuse to camp than he does

Thanks, lo3
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Please answer this thread. I would also like to know, what was the location of the bomb when you slayed lo3.
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It was dropped right at the end of tunnels going into bombsite A. I was slapped numerous times leading to a near death from the terrorist team. I was not slayed
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ok ...
I have reasons to give slap as what to Mr. lo3 is stand there in the place specified waiting for others to arrive in this case TT.
it is not because I wanted to give you is killed slap was not for revenge if they think but what I think is ...
enpezando rounds reached the specified location and wait for the TT after what happened enpieza to tell me that I will report abuse admin.
and by the way I think or at least for me
I just say two slaps if someone asks me why I would not complain if lo3 if
and gave slap because I did not like was done in the location specified to wait for the TT in previous rounds was not taking care of the C4 or ?! That is not good.
but in my case I do not like Mr. lo3 came to the place and wait for the others, it was no secret that I know but in my case I did not like (and not because I is killed but the reason to stay there ), that for MY is being camper wait for the other people here and kill TT
also were only two slaps I do not think abusing my powers

do not know if I deserve punishment for this if I deserve pss ok
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Abusing your powers is slapping me for objective gaming but camping t spawn for the remainder of the map... That spot is like picking mid in d2 you get one or 2 kills then you leave to help the rest of your team. I either jumped into to tunnles where I would pick the rest of your team off or I would help my team in awps nest and pick off the players in under pass
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I couldn't make any sense out of your reply.
Regardless, if he was camping the spot or not. He was a CT, which means his objective was to protect bomb sites. There is a very simple rule about camping in BsK.

Counter Terrorist can camp anywhere on the map before bomb plant, and Terrorist can camp after the bomb plant.

There is nothing wrong with going the same spot and camping it, as long as team objective is being completed. Please do not make the same mistake again.






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Thanks given by: lo3 , Tome pa'l pinto , CAMILO1010 , BullsEye©

ok ...
pss but not too accord with the rule,
is it a rule and I have to respect it, I do not agree
when it is been hize abuse but if it is also respect that and not do it again [img]images/smilies/undecided.gif[/img]
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Dude, i Don't get why you do not agree with our rule, Join every community, play all the scrims and pugs you want, that rule is EVERYWHERE.

CTS Camp when the bomb is down, waiting for the terrorists to get it. I DONT GET why you want CTS to move around looking for enemies when the bomb is on the ground and they can protect it, THAT MAKES NO SENSE. 

Look, i hate when CTS Camp at A in de_dust2, using AWP, and waiting for Terrorists to plant, i hate it !!! but its legal and thats how it would be in real life, waiting for the enemies in the objective point.

You cannot AGREE or DISAGREE with this rule, because EVERYONE knows this rule and everywhere you go, the same rule will repeat, i would say it is not a BSK RULE, its a Counter-Strike Rule, its part of the objective of the Main game, Avoid the other team from planting - Plant the bomb , both objectives require "protecting" at some point.

So your argument is invalid, and this is your first warning, Read the rules. because that one is wrotten in the Main Admin or Server Rules.

Have a good day, And lo3... sorry for the inconvenience
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