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IP Changer

•Player Which You Are Reporting: (Lpb).Gooding.
•Where this scene occured: Offcial
•IP or Steam-ID of the player:STEAM_0:4:1812550274 IP
•Admins which were inactive during this incident: well, Eyedea and iroshiro was online, i explained what was happening and nobody moved a muscle to pay attention
•Cheats Used: IP changer
•Date of Incident: 24/4/2012
•Proof: He just confessed
More proofs:

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thanks bro Tongue
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Thanks Bro. He already banned in servers and forum
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YE i was playing when he got ban by walling Big Grin
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we appreciate your contribution to our server by helping us ban hackers!!

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