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How to upload a demo to forum

[Image: Welcome%2BCya....png]
How to upload a demo?

[font]1- [/font]We look for the demo, which is located at:
C: \ Program Files \ Counter-Strike 1.6 \ cstrike_spanish
C: \ Program Files \ Counter-Strike 1.6 \ cstrike
C: \ Program Files \ Valve \ cstrike_spanish

Uploading a host.

In this tutorial we will useMEDIAFIRE

1- We address mediafire
2- We press Log in (if you are registered to enter) & if you do not give in Sign up (to register)
3- Once inside, then click on Upload from computer, look for the demo and give to begin upload (wait for it to load)
4- Then we give in copy link
5- And they have their demo uploaded to a host and copying link, then what you do is paste it where you want and ready

They have their demo Complete Filed.

[Image: Thanks.png]
Thanks given by: TronLac

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