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How to have the apps on the sd = Android

In this tutorial we will learn a safe and fast to spend all your applications to the SD card, we only require certain things:

1.Partition Wizard Home Edition

2.our SD card with an adapter

3. a phone or a tablet (ROOTED)


The first is eject the SD of your phone and insert it with an adapter on the PC. We make a copy of all its content because the process of partition erase everything you have inside.
After install and run the Partition Wizard, and you gonna see a screen similar to this:

[Image: pant1.jpg]

The disk 1 is the hard drive and the second is the SD.


right-click on the SD card and choose the Delete option. Make sure the SD is what you have chosen, because you could erase another thing.
When you select Delete, the blue square of the SD will turn gray. Now we click on the blue icon Apply, after click Yes and we give in to the screen that opens.

[Image: pant2-1.jpg]


When the process finish, right-click again and select on the SD the "Create" option. The next screen is for choose the characteristics of our primary partition, that is the general use for photos, music and others.

[Image: pant3.jpg]

3.1 Create as: Primary

3.2 File system:
FAT (if your SD is of 2Gb or lower)
FAT32 (if your SD is of 4Gb or higher)

3.3 Size and Location: On this screen we will reduce the size of the storage.
For example, my card has 1.86Gb, 1.30Gb Is reduced it to 560MB to allow for applications.

Note: If you have a 4GB SD or higher i recommend leaving at most 1 GB for applications, it is sufficient to install hundreds of things without problems. ( its your decision )

3.4 Press OK. Then press again the Apply icon and begin the formatting process. When finished, you can see that your PC recognized the card again, this time to the size you assigned it, in my case 1.30 GB


Will perform the same operation in step 3, but now with the extra space of the SD, which will be used to store applications. We select the remaining space with a secondary click and choose the "Create" option to Yes give notice that says that the computer will recognize only the first partition of our SD, but remember we do not want the SD to the computer only for the phone

[Image: pant4.jpg]

4.1 Create as: Primary

4.2 File system:

4.3 Size and Location: This time we dont reduce the size of the partition, leave it as is to use all that space for applications.

4.4 Press OK. Then press again the blue icon Apply and you begin again the process of formatting. When finished, the SD is partitioned into 2, the first for general storage and the second for applications


We insert the SD to our phone and install the app Link2SD from Android Market.
When you have installed, it will ask root permissions (here the importance of being Root). Then we asked if we want to link the SD application, we allow.

[Image: link2sd1.jpg]

5.1 We list with all the applications installed on the phone like this. Here simply select a app and it will show this interface:

[Image: link2sd2.png]

5.2 There we will have 4 options:
- Move to SD card: which will not use
- Actions: which will not use
- Create link: this is what we use to move applications.
- Delete link: this option is the reverse, to undo the link and return to the phone.

[Image: link2sd3.png]

5.3 This is the screen that appears when you create a link from an app (that is, the move to SD). Normally will choosen only two options, but the system recognizes when you need 3, so you only have to give OK and done !

Any doubt i answer it Smile thanks
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