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How to Display Images and Videos in Forum

Sup my name is Fps aka frame per second aka fap per second aka fappy aka faps here i am to make a quick and easy guide of how you guys can see the pics and videos you post in the forum.

Dont know if ya guys have realize that when you put a image in your thread the image do not appear it shows the hyperlink instead. Same with the videos.  Maybe a bug or i dont know why but here is the solution.

---- Go To Cp or Control Panel(English)    - Panel de control(spanish)

----- Then Click Edit Options (English) -     Editar Opciones(spanish)

---- Then go to Thread View and Choose - Luego busca Visibilidad del Tema y Escoge(spanish)

Display Image in posts
Display Videos in posts
[Image: screen23.jpg]
Select Update Options - Selecciona Actualizar Opciones

Here is the difference

[Image: screen2.jpg]

Without the  display image and video off you would not be able to see the images

[Image: screen.jpg]

With the display image and video on and working you would be able to see the images of the threads

Hope you guys learn how to see the images and videos in the forum threads.

Copyright 2015 by BsK.| Fps
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

Thanks given by: [BsK] RiKuDoU

Thx Big Grin Thx Help Enough Smile
Thanks given by:

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