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How Do Admins Abuse Their Powers?

Admin Can Be Abusing His/Her Powers Using AmXModmenu
1. Admin Slapped/Slayed Without any Reason.
2. Admin Used Permanent Ban On A Player Without Hacking/Cheating

Quote:Sometimes, Admins Kindda Banning A Wrong Guy Using Amx_ban, Because Of Steam_ID Or Messing Up With Other Players.
3. Admin Kicked Player Without proper reason like Camping/AFK
4. Admin Being Racist or Using Bad/Cuss Words Like **** You , [Name]

Quote:I Use This Sometimes Because Of getting Killed by another player..... You can Just Say **** But No Name, This Is Less Happened..Big Grin
5. Admin Cheating. Angry

If You See An Admin Abusing His/Her Powers, Post It Here! Tongue
Quote:You can Also Record A Demo To Prove That Admin Is Abusing

Trial Admin~~~Admin Power Revoked Permanently
1 Time Abusing ~~ 1 Day Admin Freeze
2 Times Abusing ~~ 2 Days Admin Freeze
3 Times Abusing ~~ 3 Days Admin Freeze
4 Times Abusing ~~ Permanently Revoked Admin Powers

For Admins:
Quote:Please Do Not Abuse Ur Powers!
Thanks given by: JoaoVitor BOY AK

good post man!
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I made some adjustments to your post,corrected some mistakes so don't be alarmed.
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idk if anyone does this but 4-3 months ago an admin uses jump and slap 0 to get to the place he needed faster...((in classic))...which is kinda unfair for other people.
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comes down to it.

treat the players how you want to be treated when playing on a different server.
Thanks given by: Brakeyoself , Freak ShOw.

good job man !
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Sticked !
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good post man! ...
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well Smile
luck and keep going
[Banished] LIBRA
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nice post .... Big Grin
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