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Hello Guys

In-Game Name:[BsK] Alex^
Real Name:Farzad
Age/Birth Date:29
Country/State (province)/City:Iran
Current Job/Career:Counter Big Grin
Job/Career you want:Conter ADmin

Favorite Weapon(s):Aka Deagel snipe
Favorite Color:Yellow ReD GreenĀ 
Favorite Food:All Food
Favorite Band(s):Not
Favorite Movie(s):Yas
Favorite Game(s):Counter Clash Bomb bich
Favorite Drink:Tea
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Sport team:
Favorite Sport Player:
Favorite Things to do:
Favorite Server Mod:
Favorite TV Show/Program:
Favorite Style:
Favorite Car:
Favorite Singer:
Favorite Hollywood Star:

Pic of You:
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Welcome to Banished Soldiers Klan. Feel free to hit me up for any technical issues.
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Welcome to our lil world
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Welcome to the BSK Forums. Make sure you reach out if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting.
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"Time waits for no man."
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