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Guess Who?

Hey guys this is krazzy reporting from BsK radio, how are you all? I'm fine, long time passed since I left, Everithing changed.
I'm officially back, I has been vissiting the forum by my phone these weeks, but it doesn't count!!!. I had problems with my old 6 years old Laptop, finally I bought a new one, it's working fine. It's a HP blah blah blah.
Olds remember me, I'm seeing so many new names! thats good!. Thats why I want to introduce my self again.
In-Game Name: krazzy or ~kRAZzY`
Real Name: (?)
Age/Birth Date: 10/10/98 (17 years old)
Gender: Male
Country/State (province)/City: Paraguay
Current Job/Career: I'm Student, this is my last year at school Big Grin
Job/Career you want: Medicine or  Civil Engineering

Favorite Weapon(s): All
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Pastas, Fish, Junk food. I eat too much but I
 never get fat Big Grin
Favorite Band(s): Dragonforce, SOAD, etc
Favorite Movie(s): Action, Horror. 
Favorite Game(s): Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, I really like Nintendo Games, Android games, etc.
Favorite Drink: Coca Cola ?
Favorite Sport: Soccer, Rugby, Handball, Basketball, Motocross, etc
Favorite Sport team: I have not favorites.
Favorite Sport Player: Leonel Messi. 
Favorite Things to do: Hang out
Favorite Server Mod: Deathrun, Surf, Hns, Zombie Escape, Deathmatch, the classic mod.
Favorite TV Show/Program: Two and a Half man. The Simpsons, Steven Universe(problem?)
Favorite Style: what
Favorite Car: Supra, Corvette 
Favorite Singer: many.
Favorite Hollywood Star: You.
If you want 1vs1 me or something, my play time is on afternoons, Sundays is Afternoons to night.
Missed you all bros, love you, take care.
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prepare to get rekt. Welcome back bro.
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Thanks given by: krazzy

Welcome back bro. Nice to see you around again.
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"Time waits for no man."
Thanks given by: krazzy

welcome back krazzy !! to remember old times lol Big Grin
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Thanks given by: krazzy

I cant believe you have 17 , why the fuck you are so mature ...
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Thanks given by: krazzy

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