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--// Get on Mumble //--

Everyone should download, and install mumble on their computers. For the ones who don't know, mumble is a Voice Server, and its free to use.

It can be downloaded from the following link:

Quote:Server IP: Port  -

Steps to login to the server:

  1. Launch mumble, look for "Server" tab at top left of your window.
  2. Select "Connect" and then "Add New..." button in new window.
  3. Label can be anything of your liking. 
  4. Address is ""
  5. Port is "5930"
  6. Username can be anything of your liking, but it is recommended to keep it the same as your forum name.
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Can i talk about porn related themes there? Tongue
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You guys better get in mumble, i spend half my day in there
Being a Jerk is my job. 

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Guys I found an app of Mumble for android and it works perfectly, I have tested it recently, if you have not mic, must use this!
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