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Fuck you MTA

Okay, today as I was heading to class, I had to use the subway station near my house to get to the school, and you know what? The machine that I used to refill my card ATE my money and didn't give me a reciept!! That's not all, the amount that I put in, $10!! wasn't even on the card!! Forcing me to ask station personnel to allow me to use the emergency door (which is rarely used and sometimes abused) to allow me to get on the subway. This in turn made me miss my afternoon class!! I started dislike the MTA when they start to become untimely with their buses when I was in high school and that now this?! OMG, I don't think that MTA will be able to make up for the image that it once had with the New Yorkers. I still need to use the service of MTA because it's the sole provider of the public transport that I have in my area...

Question for you guys:
- Have you ever been in a city where the sole provider of a service in your area is being a bitch? If yes, please share your worst situation with us.
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That friggin sucks. Luckily in Houston, our sole provider of transportation is ourselves. Houston's too spaced out for any subways and whatnot. But it takes a good hour to get from the north-side of town to the south-side.
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that bad having to go through those moments... I use my feet thankfully lmao
sometimes my dad's car to go to work >.<
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HAhahahah Unlucky m8. A car will help
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