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Forum Rules

[BsK] Forum Rules:

  • if you post files which include trojans / keyloggers etc you definitely will get banned instantly
  • if you flame / insult other members you will get an infraction
  • Advertising similar sites as Banished Soldiers is forbidden and will result in a ban (it doesn't matter if you've put a backlink on that site).
  • Advertising your own forum hosted at a free-forum provider is not allowed.
  • if you post racist comments, you will receive an infraction (a ban in extreme cases)
  • Baiting other members is forbidden, if you have a problem with another member please use the appropriate forum to solve the conflict. Furthermore we consider all scammer accusations to be baiting, no matter what proofs you have.
  • posts which only contain terms like "#reported/#close thread/hi/bye" etc., without being constructive are considered spam (punishment accordingly)
  • doubleposting, or pushing up really old topics is not allowed and ends up in an infraction / a warning
  • using survey download mirrors (e.g. sharecash) is prohibited unless there is another mirror option
  • posting pornopraphic content (no matter what your definition of pornographic content is) will be punished with an infraction and in harder cases a ban
  • We do not support gambling for money. Accordingly all gambling-threads which require payment for participation are prohibited. Gambling for free (actually it's just sharing) is still allowed.
  • using any avatar/signature/usertitle which could make members think you are a member of the staff though you are not, is forbidden and is to be punished with an infraction or in harder cases a ban
  • abusing your avatar by adding fake or custom ranks/badges isn't allowed
  • abusing the thanks/reputation system is prohibited; you are not allowed to sell or buy thanks/reputation from another member, only give thanks/reputation for useful posts!
  • if you have 3 active infractions you will receive a ban

• No posting obscenes.
• No pornographic images.
• No racism.
• No raging.
• No spamming.
• No advertising.
• No passive aggressive trolling.
• No disrespecting staff and owners.
• No duplicate accounts.
• No double posting.
• No bumping old threads.
• Use same nick in Forums / Servers



The forum has a search engine that works very well, use it. When you need to start a thread and are not quite sure what they want has already been posted, use search. It is often simpler and quicker to read an old thread that start a new one with all the waiting process, trial and error involved. Search is very simple, just click search and type in a keyword of what they want in seconds will get the results


If you have used the search and you dont have found what you sought, start a new thread , make sure to put a short title but with a more accurate idea as possible of the problem they have

Spam, in all senses, is Strictly Prohibited . Anyone who enters the forum to advertise without the consent of the moderators is grounds for sanction.
If you have the idea of what is happening in every post made, can you put your opinion, unlike not try. Because They are considered as Spam


The signature are of your choice, don't put profanity, or even images obscene, (if you continue, can be punished and banned from the Forum). The signature are accompanied by your below your writing description field, enter a signature with an appropriate resolution to the Foum page. The assnatura can be enabled / disabled, and that of your choice.


It is forbidden to advertise any server alien to [b-s] . No one user is exempt from this rule.


Moderators are the authority of the forum, of they depend on the correct use that users make of it. They are chosen based on their history of conduct within the forum, and the contribution they make to the community and their way of seeing things objectively.
The only ones who can appoint moderators are Owners and Chief of Staff of the forum.


The Administrators are the authority of the CS servers , of which depends the smooth running of the game within the servers


Severity and consistency of these offenses will be determined by available staff members, and dealt with accordingly. Punishments range from an initial warning, to 3-5 day forum bans, permanent bans, demotions, and etc. Punishments will, again, be determined based on the severity and consistency of your offenses. If you have any problems, PM a staff member ,or owner .

Alright, that's it. If you pay attention to these rules everything will be fine and a good atmosphere is garantueed.

The only thing that's left to say is: Have fun on Banished Soldiers

[Image: giphy.gif]

Thanks given by: Phaze-One , Freak ShOw. , Aguus.L

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