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Poll: Who Do You Think Will WIN
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FIFA World Cup 2014

So the world cup started today and i was just wondering, since we have a lot of football fans here, who do you think will win this time around?
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(06-12-2014, 05:31 PM)MpReSsive Wrote: So the world cup started today and i was just wondering, since we have a lot of football fans here, who do you think will win this time around?

Germany has a great team, is a candidate to win the cup
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Spain is one of the best teams, It also has many good players
but I have faith in my Argentina, which can be champion Heart
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brazil's way to play today was horrible... they aint winning for sure

Let's write some of my personal thinking... Chile is playing great but its defense sucks, Argentina is a great team but they have too many attackers like Aguero, Messi and Di Maria but the defensive part sucks as well... England is a piece of crap lol, Brazil is failing at the counter attacks, today's match showed us that's true... the other team almost scored a lot of goals because the whole team was attacking, they must learn to stay calm and not being so aggressive at attacking, because that will mean a failure in the back, Portugal, Dah, they are nothing without Cristiano Ronaldo, My vote goes to Germany, they are good at the back, at the middle and forward... Lahm is a great help at the playing tactics and he goes back to defend, same with Bastian schweinsteiger, Ozil is an excelent Number 10 distributing the game, Neuer is the best goalkeeper in this world (the best professional and active player, because the best will always be Oliver Kahn), and he's gonna do a good job at the back, Mertesacker defending, awesome, Podoloski from the left side, Klose is a god at shooting, he's gonna score more goals than Ronaldo Nazario, the whole team is amazing, They are going to win for sure.
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ITALIA good defense, Andrea Pirlo is enough in the Middlefield and with balotelli as a striker we can surprise more than 1 person this world cup,

Alemania? yea is always favorite but semifinals always vanished them they have great players and solid teams since a longtime ago and there story repeats always from semifinals they wont pass out remember my words
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my opinión is that Brazil will win though most teams are strong Big Grin
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Honestly I think it's between Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Brazil. Any of them can surprise us.
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I'd go with Germany and France
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I think Spain will won again this year.
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spain today suck hueheuhe
I will not bet more on Spain -.-
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