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In Game: amazed_- / Distroy_-

e-mail :

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:8954138

Great server to play in, but would like to keep it clean from cheaters. I've been playing for about 9 years now so i do have experience with cheaters and know my way around amxmod. 
I have my own NFO server that I use for PUGs as well so I do know a couple things. 

Oh BTW... HELLO! lol
Thanks given by: BullsEye©


Staff will take care of you. 

Oh BTW... Welcome.
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Thank you for the donation and i hope you enjoy the servers. Smile
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thx for donating, hope to play again with you in d2 again.
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Don't worry bud, you will Smile
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thanks for your donation you should add me on steam i will stay in dust2
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