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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gripes

Hello guys, I would like to talk about some of the gripes that I have come across when I was playing CS:GO in a competitive setting. I know that there aspect of the game that I have yet to get use to, but these are things that I personally do not like when I am playing in the game.
  1. The sound. I am griping about the sound is that I have gotten used to the sound environment in 1.6 that where there are no one running or shooting, I would be able to to almost pinpoint the location of my "Tango" when I hear then. However, in GO, I would have a hard time telling where the "Tango" is at until I saw the shadow or their body parts showing up. Also, the ambient environment can be very loud at times and that I often times cannot tell where the "Tango" is at and 

    ...... TO BE CONTINUED.
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