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Can you guys?

Hello guys i want to learn about this world of coding,programming.

It would be great if you guys gave me some PDF,e pub, or books names in Ethernet that can be useful or a path for the ones that are starting in this world.

Also it would be great to acknowledge about source,amx coding.

I hear python or c+ are the ones good for nubs but i don't know.

Thank you

[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

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Study pseudo coding, after you can see JAVA, really don't like Python (But that is PERSONALLY, some people say is good for newbies), and C++ is so hard for some people, JAVA is easy... but you search, you decide, personally is started with JAVA, and recommend it.

But, do a important question for you, what do you what to do? A game? A web page (porn page(?))? Simply software and stuff? Android applications? All is on you....

Anyway, you can ask whatever you want here, we will try to help you... but don't expect a lot of me, wait $atanic, i'm not the best on this... my best wish for you, i know you'll really like this.

Also: Do you want info? I haven't info in english, but yes in spanish, i don't know what languaje do you speak...
$die = false;

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