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[BsK]Standard Report

Im Banned motive: estupido (Stupid in US) admin:[BsK]StandarD,He had already banned a player by reason (Will take it in the ass).If you want to print just answer
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Please put correct form becuase I Have no idea what you talking about
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I'm glad you came here.. put your complain in here ==> SERVER ADMIN ABUSE  I hope that you have enough proof, cuz was for that that I banned you!
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The Standard banished me because I was defending a guy who took ban
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Reason: VIDAL is going to take it in the ass
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Standard você me baniu porque eu tava conversando e falando fatos com você, sabe muito bem
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#7 kisses
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Standard, why did you ban him for that reason? "estupido" = "Stupid".

I would like to know what happened.
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First thing.. This fuckin brazilians is always trying to fuck with some admin... So a short explication.  the Vidal was cursing a girl that already told me one month ago, but the thing is that they are bringing to the game a personal fight and when he start cursing the girl bring to they fight other players, so as an adm I need to warn to stop than he (Vidal) answer me without respect saying somethings like cursing... THAM he got banned!

This pretty guy arguing here began to defend his friend saying that I shouldn't ban you and that this was not a position of Administrator. He sent me unban as if it had the power to send me to undo what I had done.
and this same kid said to @name^ some days ago to say a word in portuguese ( diga : sou um viado lindo) that means ( Im a beautiful pussy) and I said to name to dont say... 

now its about you Lui.. Firs this is a WRONG SECTION TO THIS DISCUSSION.  I dont have to show any proof of something that he are saying without proof, so I wanna his proof if he really have the screens cuz I have and if  i have to defend myself I need the proof of this, I dont have to prove anything that isnt the true. THATS WHY THE BAN WAS 1 DAY!

this fuking brazilian kids that are making we lost players on the server... many times I have to ban someone cuz they are disrespecting some admin that dont know portuguese, and I did it 1 day ago when I was playing with @$atanic $pirit at afternoon..

SO. show me the proof about my mistake and I will show my defense. 

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I don't want to fuck you, I just want my unban, I don't want to hurt anyone. Att; Ademonus
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