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[BsK] Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct:

Public display of arguments between members are prohibited. It is unavoidable to come across someone who has a different opinion than yours. If you get into an argument with another member, try to keep it away from the public; take it to PM's on the forums. If the problem is CS related, you may ask for other members' input by posting in the exclusive section. If the problem is personal try to solve it on your own, or just ignore the person. Remember: it takes two to keep an argument going.

Be a team player. You can help contribute to the community in numerous ways. You don't need to be an admin to inform the rest of the clan that there is a hacker. Simply take a demo or screen shot as proof, get the player's SteamID, and post it in our hacker report section. The same process applies to any other form of misconduct.

As a [BsK] member, the [BsK] tag is the ONLY tag that will be worn in all of our servers, which also includes scrim tags. We, in the BanishedSoldiers community, take great pride in wearing this tag. You should ONLY represent BanishedSoldiers in our servers.

Respect the tag. Try to avoid anything that will degrade your character. Your actions will reflect BanishedSoldier's actions.

Uphold and follow server rules. As a member you will be expected to follow server rules, more than non members. If you do not have admin, and someone is breaking a rule and feels there will be no consequence, jot their name down with their SteamID and make a note of it on forums. This way other admins will keep an eye on that person in the future (Refer to #2).

Respect all of players, members or not.

We will not allow racism or hacking in our community.

ALL permanent bans require proof! Please upload demo every time a player dispute a ban HERE. Timed bans do not require proof but please use your best judgment when making these bans, you are still responsible for your actions as admin.

If for any reason you become a problem, you will be put on probation or removed from our community.

Use same nicks in server/forum to know who are u

If you have any questions about anything BanishedSoldiers community related, please don't hesitate in contacting any BanishedSoldiers Community Leaders. We are here for you!
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